Does your company constantly need the safe and secure destruction of confidential material? Would it be more cost and time effective if you did'nt waste time on disposing of the documents yourself. Sensitive material, carlessly tossed away, can become a serious liability. 

Shred On Site understands the basic neccessity of keeping control over your records and documents. Shred On Site, is a new document shredding company based in Laredo, Texas. We offer professional mobile document shredding service for all commercial and residential  entities.  When it comes to document destruction our services are quick, reliable, secure and cost effective. We our committed in providing quality workmanship at a fair price.

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, Shred on Site strives to operate with a responsible attitude to the environment. The health, safety and welfare of our city is important to us.  We reduce waste by recycling and reusing, and are committed to ensuring proper disposal of all confidential material.